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Job Creation

Our state has everything we need to be an economic powerhouse. We have some of the richest farm land in the world, a hardworking educated workforce, and our geographical location makes us a vital transportation hub of the entire nation. We MUST implement policies that will utilize these advantages to their fullest potential.

Lower Property Taxes

Illinois has the highest property taxes in the nation. Illinois is losing its retirees, college students, young professionals, and job creators to neighboring states. In order to expand our tax base, we must reduce property taxes which will prevent our best and brightest from fleeing this oppressive tax burden.

Reform State Government

Illinois should not ask citizens for one more additional penny of tax revenue until we make badly needed reforms to the way that money is being spent. I will fight for reforms to our workers compensation system, state employee pensions, and procurement among others.

Independent Maps

The current legislative district maps are completely unresponsive to the will of the people. Voters should be choosing their legislators, not legislators choosing their voters. As your State Representative, I will continue to be a leading voice in favor of taking the map drawing responsibilities away from the politicians and given to an independent panel.

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Time Since Last Revenue Estimate

The Revenue Estimate is a critical step in state budgeting that is required by state law. It has a vitally important purpose in limiting the General Assembly from appropriating more than the Revenue Estimate. Unfortunately, the state hasn’t done its job for more than 6 years.

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Save Illinois

Illinois needs to become more competitive to grow our economy and create more jobs
Reforms would give us the chance to create Illinois jobs for Illinois families

Mandates from Springfield have driven up the cost of doing business in the Land of Lincoln.

These mandates have affected government and non-government agencies alike.

Workers compensation (the program that compensates workers when they are injured at work) affects the employment costs of every employee in the state whether they work in the private, public or not-for-profit sectors.

Unnecessarily higher employment costs lead to fewer hiring opportunities and a diminished economic outlook for a state that should be an economic leader.

Imagine decreased work comp costs for service providers who care for the developmentally disabled so they can budget for better services for their patients.

Imagine a growing manufacturing center providing high-paying jobs that support famiiies all throughout our state that, in turn, drive demand for construction and supporting services.

  • Property Tax Costs

    Highest in the USA

  • Workers' Compensation Costs

    22nd Highest in the USA

  • Litigation Costs

    3rd Highest in the USA

  • Economic Outlook

    48th Best in the USA


The people who define our lives. The people who teach us what life means. Our inspiration.
Wife, Mom and Real Estate Agent
LIsa grew up in Oswego and earned a teaching degree at Northern Illinois University. In addition to dedicating her life to her children, Lisa earned her real estate agent license and enjoys helping families find real estate success.
Son, Brother and Engineer
Matthew is an Oswego High School graduate who earned a degree in chemical engineering from Iowa State University. After graduation, Matthew took an engineering position with Conagra Brands.
Son, Brother, and College Student
Chad is currently studying accounting at Iowa State University. He was an outstanding student and football player on two conference champion teams as well as a state quarterfinalist team at Oswego High School.
Daughter and Student
Ava is awesome!
Husband, father, small business owner and State Representative for Illinois’ 50th District
Keith has lived a blessed life because he is fortunate to be a part of this incredible family.

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