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Illinois Jobs for Illinois Families : Keith R. Wheeler - Republican Candidate for Illinois' 50th District
Illinois Jobs for Illinois Families

For Illinois to turn around, every step needs to make progress toward creating Illinois Jobs for Illinois Families.  With unemployment in our state being higher than any of our neighboring states and the third highest in the country, we need to look out for the families in our community and in our state that are out of work. 

Illinois Jobs for Illinois Families

  • Make Illinois a more affordable place to do business

    • Phase I

      • Stop the progressive income tax which would raise taxes on 85% of Illinois families with a top rate as high as 11%

      • Allow the current 5% personal income tax rate to go back to 3%

      • Reform workers’ compensation to allow for causation to determine liability

      • Reinstate fees and license costs back to pre-Blagojevich levels

      • Give small business community a louder voice in Springfield by creating bipartisan Small Business Caucus of legislators

    • Phase II

      • Move state income tax to 0% in order to compete with neighboring states and nationally

      • Reform worker’s compensation until rates are competitive with neighboring states

      • Support review and reform of all regulatory agencies in Illinois government to streamline compliance and enhance business creation

  • Clean up the pension and bill payment mess in Springfield

    • Give employers confidence that they won’t get hit with big tax bill to pay for pensions

    • Move to a defined contribution system from the unaffordable defined benefit approach

    • Be fair to Illinois service providers and vendors who are waiting months for payment

  • Perform a forensic audit to clear out waste, fraud, abuse and duplicative state spending

    • Find ways for state government to find efficiencies like the private sector does

    • Reduced state expenditures should result in lower state revenue requirements

  • Restore state funding promised to local school districts to keep our promise to our kids and prevent further increases in property taxes

    • Increasing education quality provides better opportunities for both employees and employers

    • Anticipating increased property taxes gives businesses cause to look at other states that are more affordable

Keith is a pro-constitution, fiscal conservative who will offer innovative programs and legislation to improve the county's financial health and the quality of life for residents in the 50th District and all of Illinois.

Campaign Event: A View Inside the Battle for Illinois
11/17/2015  -  Fireside Grille, Sugar Grove

Endorsement: Kendall County Record & Ledger-Sentinel
10/24/2014  -  Better suited to meet the challenges facing taxpayers and business owners

Endorsement: Chicago Tribune
10/22/2014  -  [His opponent]'s not likely to stand up to Michael Madigan, though. Republican Keith Wheeler surely would.

Endorsemenet: Kane County Chronicle
10/15/2014  -  Wheeler drives home the message of job creation

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